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DCC Day Kit 2023 - Importado

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DCC Day is July 22! DCC Day is entering its fourth year with another incredible value for gamers – and retailers! The 2023 kit contains an exclusive limited-edition glow-in-the-dark cover variant for the MCC Core Rulebook – plus the all-new DCC Day Adventure Pack and DCC Day #4 adventure module! And you get all of it — with a total customer-facing value of $260 — for the amazingly low price of only $50 a kit, with a chance to reduce the price even further!

Here’s what is included in the 2023 DCC Day pack:

  • 10 copies of The DCC Day 2023 Adventure Pack. (Advertised as FREE to consumers, $10 value)
  • 10 copies of DCC Day #4: MCC Crash of the Titans. (Suggested MSRP $10)
  • 1 copy of MCC Core Rulebook Exclusive Glow Cover. (Suggested MSRP $60)

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