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Bastion is the only city that matters. In its industrial age, it sits as the smoke-shrouded hub of mankind, surrounded by a world of lurking horrors and cosmic interference. The Underground spreads beneath our feet and the stars loom above.

You are an Explorer, braving places too far for maps and too old for records. Your expeditions touch the bizarre, wondrous, and horrific. You search for riches, but also Arcana, mysterious devices with unnatural powers. 

Into the Odd Remastered is a rules-light, flavor-heavy roleplaying game of industrial horror and cosmic strangeness. This new edition of Into the Odd from 2014 revisits Industrial Bastionland, giving the original game a lavish hardback, full-color restoration with expanded content.

Written by Chris McDowall (Electric Bastionland) and with graphic design by Johan Nohr (MÖRK BORG), it is published by the Free League Workshop, our sub-label for carefully selected externally developed games. The full-color books has 144 pages in digest format.

  • Fast Character Creation - Roll an explorer in minutes, grabbing a starter package of flavourful equipment and starting your expedition.
  • Minimalist Rules - An ultralite system that keeps the game moving forward. Combat is fast and decisive, with every turn counting.
  • Strange Things - Monsters are horrific hazards, not opponents to be fought for sport. Arcana are weird artifacts that each carry a unique ability, from firing portals to attracting bones like a magnet.
  • Return to the Iron Coral - The strange expedition location from the original game has tripled in size, now sprawling over three levels. The surrounding Fallen Marsh now hides four mini-dungeons in its 24 hexes. In the North, the desperate port of Hopesend welcomes adventurous travellers looking to go further.
  • The Expanded Oddpendium - 26 pages of modules and random tables to help you flesh out the world. Roll to create weird creatures, find the best shortcut across town, and find out what happens when you “eat the stuff”.

"Into the Odd is a masterpiece of minimalism – an enchanting blend of old school principles and modern design which has served me well both for impromptu one shots as well as storied campaigns. My well-worn original copy is always in my game bag, ready whenever the mood strikes to spend an evening delving into strange places."

–John Harper (Blades in the Dark, Lady Blackbird, Lasers & Feelings):

"Into the Odd does minimalist fantasy roleplaying better than anything else. Lightning fast and oozing with flavor."
–Ben Milton (Questing Beast, Maze Rats, Knave)

"My randomly-generated character had an eyepatch, a whip and a packet of cigars and I've never felt more immediately interested in a protagonist."

–Grant Howitt (Spire, Heart, Honey Heist): 

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