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Cyberpunk Red: Data Screen - Importado

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Cyberpunk Red: Data Screen.


When your Crew’s getting down to the Meat and the Metal and waiting on your call, you don’t have time to dig through stacks of hardcopy or rely on CTRL + F to find the info you need.


That’s why you need to interface with the Cyberpunk RED Data Screen. All the information you need to run the game faster and smarter plus four panels of gorgeous art to shield your notes from prying cybereyes.


Target Market:

Fans of dark science fiction and the cyberpunk genre.

Gamers who love great cyberpunk art and who have already picked up, or are buying, the Cyberpunk RED core rulebook.


Selling Points:

The perfect reference for Cyberpunk RED, with all the tables a Gamemaster or Player needs to play the game.

Four panels of gorgeous art, complete with a great view of Night City

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