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The Dunwich Horror Illustrated by Baranger - Importado

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In the remote Massachusetts village of Dunwich, lost in the depths of the inhospitable countryside with its dark, bramble-covered valleys, ancient witch stories live on and strange underground noises sometimes echo beneath the hills topped by mysterious stone circles.

On an isolated farm in the area, the simple-minded Lavinia Whateley gives birth to a child, Wilbur, whose father is unknown. Old Whateley, Lavinia's father, raises Wilbur with the distrust of the locals, who are frightened by the child's rapid growth and repulsive face. Rumors of witchcraft have always circulated about old Whateley, and after his death, Wilbur, as an adult, seems determined to increase the ungodly knowledge that was passed to him. To this end, he travels to Miskatonic University in Arkham to borrow the copy of the sinister Necronomicon that resides in its famous library. Professor Armitage, understanding the malicious intentions of his visitor, refuses to grant his request. Determined to get the book, Wilbur tries to break into the library at night, triggering a series of tragic events...

François Baranger, an illustrator with experience working in both the film and gaming industries, was fascinated early on by Lovecraft’s creatures and visions which populated the darkest recesses of fantasy. Having previously illustrated The Call of Cthulhu and At the Mountains of Madness to great acclaim, this book is his latest adaption and a must-have for any Lovecraft fan.

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