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Warmachine - Dawnguard Trident - Importado

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Built expressly to serve as an armored assault platform for the Dawnguard, the Trident unleashes a blistering barrage of fire. Utilizing advanced gravity-mitigating fields first developed by House Shyeel allies, the arcanist guiding the Trident can impel it forward at great speed, also accelerating accompanying myrmidons or warcasters, before delivering its weight with ramming force. It follows this crushing assault with an onslaught of its primary weaponry—a trio of heavy thresher cannons, each crewed by an expert gunner. Gameplay The Trident is an excellent ranged piece that also provides utility to any Dawnguard army. With its ability to place friendly models as it moves, it can pull friendlies out of danger or increase threat ranges of key models to ensure they get where they need to go. Its massive thresher cannons can output an impressive amount of firepower when combined with some of the ranged-centric warcasters of the Retribution such as Ravyn, Eternal Light and Lord Arcanist Ossyan. 

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